Classic Collection: The Meaning of the Years

August 28, 2016

Homage to Great Explorers and Researchers

Each artefact in the Classic Collection bears a specific year in its name: KHAMAMA BLUE 1874, KHAMAMA PEARL 1782, KHAMAMA TURQUOISE 1758 and KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773. These years are the glorious years in which the butterfly species used for the particular artefacts were first scientifically described. This date within the artefact name pays homage to the great explorers and researchers who faced enormous sacrifices and risks during their expeditions:

  • KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 - discovered by Carl Heinrich Hopffer in South America
  • KHAMAMA PEARL 1782 - discovered by Dru Drury in Africa
  • KHAMAMA TURQOISE 1758 - discovered by Carolus Linnaeus in South America
  • KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 - discovered by Dru Drury in Africa

In their quest for discovering the unknown and most beautiful creatures they travelled to the wildest and remotest places on earth – sometimes where no man has gone before.

Thanks to these brave explorers and researchers we know about all the precious treasures of nature hidden in the untamed beauty of endless rainforests. Nowadays, these hidden treasures of nature are severely endangered by deforestationt. Accordingly to the WorldWideLife Organization - WWF each year about 46,000 - 58,000 square miles of the world's forests are lost.

This is approximately the size of whole England which is deforested each single year. Most people neither are aware of how severe this deforestation is nor are they aware of the rare and beautiful nature which is endangered in this way. The year in the artefact's name shall remember the value and beauty of the rainforests' nature in order to raise awareness and save the rainforests for future generations!

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