Haute Art de Papillon – A positive luxury revolution

Haute Art de Papillon – A positive luxury revolution

February 22, 2017

Haute Art de Papillon – A sustainable luxury revolution

Butterfly wings are admired for their inimitably iridescent colours. The positive luxury brand KHAMAMA is the first to feature these mesmerizing colours in luxury accessories. This is the revolutionary debut of a new luxury material – Haute Art de Papillon.

Historic luxury innovations

Despite the technological development of the last thousands of years, the precious materials used for the luxurious pleasures of the wealthiest have not developed much. Leather, fur, precious woods, pearls, precious metals and gemstones have been the luxury materials for more than 8000 years. Around 3000 B.C. silk, made from Chinese moths, was one of the last huge luxury innovations which is still a sought-after fabric today.

The first preserved butterfly

As the epitome of beauty and life, butterflies have fascinated humans across all historic times and cultures. However, unlike other beautiful natural materials, humans remained unable to preserve the beauty of butterflies until the year 1702. In this year it was possible to preserve a butterfly for the very first time. This oldest preserved butterfly, also known as “Bath White Butterfly” is until today intact and remains since 1906 at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in the United Kingdom.

Haute Art de Papillon

Over 300 years later, KHAMAMA developed an intricate process preserving butterfly wings which enables the use in modern luxury accessories in 2015 which is called “Haute Art de Papillon”. Worldwide only the KHAMAMA artisans master this exclusive art.

"KHAMAMA Rajah Brooke" luxury iPhone case with Haute Art de Papillon

The world of KHAMAMA

Haute Art de Papillon is such a new and intricate Metier d’Art that it is among the rarest and most exclusive arts of the world. KHAMAMA is the first luxury brand worldwide which is solely focussed on Haute Art de Papillon. The Maison currently offers limited editions of luxury iPhone cases, a clutch handbag collection. For private clients, KHAMAMA offers a wide-range of Haute Art de Papillon private commissions from luxury car & yacht interior over artpieces up to Haute Joallerie.

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