KHAMAMA Interior Panels

KHAMAMA Interior Panels

March 06, 2018

KHAMAMA is proud to present the KHAMAMA Interior Panels Collection. This is worldwide the first collection of interior design tiles made with Haute Art de Papillon (butterfly wing marquetry).

KHAMAMA Pearl 1782 Charybdis Interior Panel - Haute Art de Papillon

Iridescent Interiors: The specialty about KHAMAMA Interior Panels are the iridescent butterfly wing colours like “KHAMAMA Blue 1874” or “KHAMAMA Pearl 1782”. Each type of light elicits different colour shades of this butterfly wing marquetry.


This iridescence effect is due to the natural structure of butterfly wings. On their surface there are tiny nano-crystals which break the light like a prism from different angles in different colours.

KAHMAMA Blue 1874 Charybdis Interior Panel - blue butterfly wing marquetry tile

Dynamic Art: This results into an interior art piece which naturally interacts and dynamically changes with the change of light in the room. From the different shades of daylight to artificial light at night, the interior panels will always shine in various colours.

KHAMAMA Noctua 1815 Lotus Interior Panel - Haute Art de Papillon

Applications: Our panels are especially made to order and can be customised in colour, layout size & framing. They can be  technically adjusted to be used in applications ranging from wall panels, bespoke furniture inlays, door segments and floors to bathroom tiles and bespoke grand art pieces. We offer different grades of safety glass for every safety requirement.

Exclusivity: KHAMAMA is worldwide the only luxury manufacturer specialised on interior designs featuring Haute Art de Papillon. Each interior panel is a handmade art piece - designed in Paris, created by an KHAMAMA artisan in England.

Experiencing KHAMAMA Interiors: A range of our Interior Artworks is also showcased at GlancyFawcett’s showrooms in Manchester (United Kingdom) and in Albany (Bahamas). Glancy Fawcett is a world-leading interior accessory showroom specialised in the super yachting world. 

KHAMAMA Blue 1874 Quadratum Interior Panel - Haute Art de Papillon

Private Appointment: If you are interested in seeing the KHAMAMA Interior artworks yourself, you can do so by private appointment with us in London. Therefore, please contact us directly at:

+44 (0) 7455 392526

KHAMAMA Noctua 1815 Columna Interior Design Panel




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