KHAMAMA is part of Make it British

December 01, 2016

A luxury brand handmade in England

London, 1st of December. The luxury brand KHAMAMA is proud to be awarded with the “Make it British” certificate. It certifies that KHAMAMA is among the very few luxury brands who manufacture their goods in England.

What means “Made in England”?

The Trade Descriptions Act of 1968 Chapter 29 §36 defines that “goods shall be deemed to have been manufactured or produced in the country in which they last underwent a treatment or process resulting in a substantial change.”

All KHAMAMA artefacts are handmade by our artisans in the United Kingdom. It is our philosophy to source locally but also in the highest quality. Therefore some of our raw material is imported, but for all of our artefacts the final and substantial change - the assembly - takes place in the United Kingdom.

What makes our artefacts “handmade”?

At KHAMAMA we developed Haute Art de Papillon – the artisan craft of butterfly wing marquetry.  Haute Art de Papillon is an art which does not only require specific know-how and experience, but also it is so intricate to perform that it is not possible to be automated. Hence our artefacts require to be completely handmade. Furthermore we pride ourselves to achieve outstanding quality which means that all our artefacts are quality checked with scrutiny during every step until they are handed over to our customers.

KHAMAMA is a British company

KHAMAMA LTD is a registered limited company in the United Kingdom and we have both our headquarter and our manufacturing ateliers in England. We are dedicated to the United Kingdom and we are are the only company in this country that employs and trains artisans in the unique art of Haute art de Papillon.

While a lot of other luxury brands only do their designs in England and manufacture overseas, KHAMAMA strongly believes into authenticity, British craftsmanship and the label “Handmade in England”. Recently the Financial Times reported that there are other British brands reflecting on their overseas manufacturing facilities. The named player is Tom Davies, a specialised eyewear brand manufacturing frames from natural horn, building up significant production in London rather than expanding their existing Chinese production facility.

We like that and encourage fellow companies based in the UK to follow this great example. Please share this article with someone that also believes in high quality manufacturing in the UK.

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