KHAMAMA's iconic design

KHAMAMA's iconic design

February 22, 2018

KHAMAMA is a contemporary luxury brand with an innovative luxury material at it's heart: Haute Art de Papillon - the marquetry artwork with butterfly wings. Here is an exclusive insight into the inspiration behind our forward-thinking creations:

Iconic Shape: One of the most remarkable design features our creations all share are the two typical triangles which confine the Haute Art de Papillon. This can be found at the KHAMAMA iPhone Cases, Clutch handbags, but also at our bespoke items like the KHAMAMA Jewellery box.

KHAMAMA Iconic Design

Triangles: These two triangle which face each other are inspired by the KHAMAMA-MM-Monogram creating powerful tension. This minimalistic, yet strong architectural shape is a great contrast to the sumptuously colourful and naturally shaped butterfly wings.

When we develop a new product, like the KHAMAMA iPhone cases, our designers always start from scratch. They look at all kind of different luxury materials and only choose the very best. As you can see in the image above, we even looked at using precious wood when we conceptualised our iPhone Case collection.

Material Selection: We decided that we use aviation-grade aluminium for our iPhone cases. This light-weight metal of the 21st century has amazing properties and can be machined with utmost precision. Each of the KHAMAMA iPhone cases is made with tolerances lower than a 100th of a millimetre! 

In addition aluminium can be anodised in various colours ranging from champagne-rosé gold to dark black while remaining its metallic surface.

Haute Art de Papillon: The marquetry artwork for each colour of the KHAMAMA iPhone case is absolutely unique as the different butterfly wings have different shape and size. Here are some of the first design drafts of our KHAMAMA Blue 1874 colour for the KHAMAMA Blue 1874 iPhone Case.

Each Detail Matters: At KHAMAMA each tiny detail matters - a lot! Every little part of our iPhone Case concept is inspired by the KHAMAMA design language and thoughtfully chosen. This is an exclusive insight into our design and development files!

Design Variations: Above you see some design variations just of the camera hole of the KHAMAMA iPhone Cases. We believe a creation is only as good as the sum of it's details - always striving for absolut perfection!

The final KHAMAMA iPhone Case is more than just a phone case. It is an iPhone Case made out of pure aviation-grade aluminium, with a patented magnetic closure system which we developed ourselves.

It is world's only iPhone Case featuring exotically shiny Haute Art de Papillon. It is each uniquely handmade by one of our specialised KHAMAMA artisans. It is a wondrous contrast between tropical colours and minimalistic design... It's not an iPhone Case, it's art.




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