How to care for your KHAMAMA artefact

KHAMAMA artefacts are exclusively handcrafted by our English Haute Art de Papillon artisans. KHAMAMA is the only Maison worldwide using Haute Art de Papillon. Therefore, certain precautions are necessary for the cleaning and use of these unique artefacts.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer support. Only official KHAMAMA representatives are authorized to advise you and carry out any maintenance or repairs for you.



As our Haute Art de Papillon is a handcraft and only employs the finest butterfly wings shaped by nature, you can expect a variation in colour and pattern. Consequently, each of our artefacts is individual and may differ slightly from the product photographs shown on our website.


Pieces of Art. Take care of it.

    • Do not use our artefacts for any unusual purpose which could scratch the aluminium or the glass.
    • Do not drop your phone, do not use it in harsh environments and do not expose it to other impacts.
    • Keep our artefacts away from high temperatures, sharp objects, intensive sunlight, humidity, water or other liquids.
    • Do not expose our artefacts and its parts to high pressure.
Your artefact is a unique piece of Haute Art de Papillon artwork. If an iPhone case that may break is not for you, please consider cases that are made out of rubber or plastic.


Cleaning and storing a KHAMAMA Artefact

Clean your artefact by gently wiping it with a micro fibre cloth. Do not expose any pressure on the Haute Art de Papillon and its glass surface, for example, while cleaning it. When not in use, store the artefact in a cool, dark and dry place and make sure it lays on a soft material.