KHAMAMA Bespoke Boxes

Bespoke boxes, made-to-measure for your treasures - Handmade in England

KHAMAMA Noctua Humidor

1. Step: Box type

Jewellery boxes Watch boxes and winders

Cigar humidors

Pen collector boxes

Bespoke combinations and objects


2. Step: Exterior configuration

Haute Art de Papillon (butterfly wing artwork)

Plumasserie (feather art work)

Wood veneers Leather cover


4. Step: Interior configuration

Layout tailored to your treasures

Humidification system by Cigar Spa™

Watch winder by Kubik Swiss ™

Alcantara™ upholstery


5. Step: Additional personalisation on request

Engraving, Embossing, Plating of precious metals, Laser artwork and more


Box types

Jewellery & watch boxes | Cigar humidors | Pen collectors boxes | Bespoke tailored to your treasures

KHAMAMA Noctua Humidor KHAMAMA Noctua Humidor
KHAMAMA Noctua HumidorKHAMAMA Noctua Humidor

KHAMAMA manufactures one-off bespoke boxes such as cigar humidors, jewellery boxes and watch boxes. We can make any configuration in any shape, size and material matching our clients highly individual needs.

KHAMAMA is worldwide the only brand creating boxes with so-called Haute Art de Papillon (butterfly wing marquetry) artwork on our boxes. This marquetry artwork is protected behind a special anti-reflective, protective glass, making each individual box a naturally unique piece of art timelessly preserved.

All boxes are uniquely designed for you. You will own a one-of-a-kind piece of art. These boxes are completely handmade in England featuring only the finest materials such as Italian Alcantara, African Ebony and exotic butterfly wings.

The body of the box is made by our fine English cabinet makers, the metal parts and the keys are finished in the famous Birmingham jewellery quartier. The butterfly wing marquetry is created in the KHAMAMA Atelier in Cheshire.




Exterior Configurations

Butterfly wing marquetry | Plummasserie | Wood marquetry


Lid: The exterior lid of the box is covered with your bespoke butterfly wing artwork. You choose the colours you like and KHAMAMA offers you designs to choose from for your individual box. The examples on the left are just a few colours of previous projects. We offer all colours you can imagine.

Size & Shape: You can chose from pre-set sizes and shapes. However, every size and shape you prefer is possible for your box.

Exterior wood: On the outside your box can be covered in a veneer of your choice. This makes it possible that your box can have every wood type, grain or colour you can imagine on the outside. The examples on the left are just a few possible choices to illustrate the available diversity.

Finish: You can choose between a transparent high gloss piano lacquer or several levels of matt finishes.

Metal parts: All metal parts inside & outside such as the keys, the metal frame on top, hinges, lock etc. can be finished in natural brass, with a palladium plating or with a gold-plating. Typically we prefer a satin-brush metal finish. Other options on request.

On request we offer feather marquetry instead of butterfly wings but we also provide our customers with wood marquetry without our exotic materials.


Interior Configurations

Alcantara™ upholstery | Kubik Swiss™ watch winders | Cigar Spa™ smart humidification systems

KHAMAMA Noctua Humidor KHAMAMA Noctua Humidor
KHAMAMA Noctua HumidorKHAMAMA Noctua Humidor

Inside lid: The inside of the box lid is usually featured with a bevelled mirror for jewellery boxes and with a decoratively figured piece of solid mahogani for cigar boxes.

Solid wood inside: The inside of the boxes is usually made out of solid American Black Walnut wood. Other wood types can be chosen.

Cigar humidors inside: Cigar humidors can be either made with a solid Spanish cedar wood or mahogani lining on the inside. We recommend the mahogani lining.

Inside upholstery: The inside of the boxes is lined with Italian Alcantara. Watch cushions and upholstery are made bespoke, specifically fitting your jewellery pieces.

Inside layout: The layout of the jewellery boxes or humidors can be designed with several re-movable trays. The compartments and design of the trays will be made to measure for your cigars, jewellery pieces, watches or other collectibles.





Example Noctua Jewellery Box

Caligo Atreus (butterfly wing marquetry), Ebony Macassar Dark Heart, Brass, Alcantara™

KHAMAMA Noctua Jewellery box KHAMAMA Noctua Jewellery Box
KHAMAMA Noctua Humidor Jewellery BoxKHAMAMA Noctua Jewellery Box

Haute Art de Papillon: Butterfly wing marquetry with the South American butterfly species Caligo Atreus. Caligo is Latin and means darkness refering to the fact that this species is only flying at night time.

Atreus is ancient Greek and means fearless. In Greek mythology, Atreus was the king of Mycenae in the Peloponnese and the father of Agamemnon and Menelaus. The two brothers started the famous Troyan war by raising a fleet of a thousand ships and going to Troy to secure Helen’s return. The butterfly wing pattern was designed with four dynamically turning wheels and a center piece inspired by the compass one would find on antique maps.

On the outside the box is featuring a rare “dark heart” of Ebony macassar which is missing the typical yellow stripes of this wood type. The finish is a transparent high-gloss piano lacquer. The metal parts are satin-brushed natural brass. The box features to levels on the inside with one removable tray. The upholstery is made in sepia-coloured Italian Alcantara and designed bespoke for specific large jewellery pieces of the client.

Size: 380 x 240 x 140mm