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KHAMAMA for GlancyFawcett - Collaboration


KHAMAMA for GlancyFawcett

GlancyFawcett is Europe's leading interior accessory showroom for the super yachting world. They offer world's best bed linen, crystal glass, silver & gold cutlery, porcelain and art pieces - especially for super yachts. You can see our KHAMAMA interior accessories and designs at their showrooms in Manchester (UK), Marbeilla (Spain) and Albany (Bahamas). We create exceptional one-off interior design boxes and extraordinary interior design panels for them.


large jewellery box from the top with a lid featuring Haute Art de Papillon. KHAMAMA Pearl 1758 Jeweller Box


Exceptional Boxes

On the right you see the first "KHMAMAMA Pearl 1758 Jeweller" jewellery box. It has a large size of 450 X 250 X 195 mm and was unveiled for the first time during the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. Its whole lid is featured with Haute Art de Papillon handmade with pearlescent butterfly wings from Africa. The unique piece was sold in December 2017 for a five digit amount.


interior design of luxury jewellery box KHAMAMA Pearl 1758 Jeweller


Interior design of boxes

Our jewellery boxes all feature a bevelled mirror in the inside of the lid and handmade Alcantara-upholstery in the inside of the trays. Alcantara is the only kind of suede which guarantees not to affect any of your jewellery pieces. Other types of suede might have an effect on the finish of certain jewellery pieces.





Each detail is of utmost importance for us. All our KHAMAMA boxes come with our iconic KHAMAMA key. The design resembles a three dimensional pattern of our MM-Monogram. Each key is casted by silversmiths in England and polished by hand. We love how the architectural shapes of the key feel while playing with it in your hand!





Here Is an exclusive insight into our workshops. You can see how the key is casted with a traditional rubber mould. You see the almost finished key on the right side. Yet, the key has to go through several finishing processes and finally gets gold-plated at the very end.

KHAMAMA Pearl 1758 Jewellery Box detail shot, haute art de Papillon


Attention to Detail

The Haute Art de Papillon (butterfly wing marquetry) is protected by glass which in turn is framed in champagne-rosé gold-plated brass. The brass fits perfectly flush into the wooden box... A true masterpiece of perfection!


Craftmanship exclusive insight into our cabinet maker

Cabinet making

KHAMAMA boxes are made only by the best cabinet makers in England. Luxury joinery has a long tradition in England. KHAMAMA picks up on this artisanal tradition and combines it with the new art of "Haute Art de Papillon". On the image left you can see how our craftsman is checking the internal trays of the jewellery box. On the right you see how the "Bird's Eye Maple" is perfectly suiting to our KHAMAMA Pearl 1758 colour.