KHAMAMA - Positive Luxury

We believe that enjoying something luxurious while creating a positive impact is the greatest luxury of all.

That is what embodies KHAMAMA. 


Butterfly farming helps the conservations of rainforest and its wildlife

Rainforest & Wildlife Conservation

Both the researcher Morgan Theron-Brown (University of Florida) and a researcher team of University of Warwick are building butterfly farming projects in the rainforest in order to protect the forest and its wildlife. Local communities who participate in butterfly farming have a better living standard due to fair-trade-prices and stop logging the forest.


KHAMAMA is suitable for vegans


Positive Luxury

Flourishing nature and human progress are not mutually exclusive; they strongly depend upon each other. A positive impact is inherent in the nature of butterfly farming. Discover KHAMAMA's artefacts and collections


Exclusive golden KHAMAMA PEARL 1782 iPhone case with real pearlescent butterfly wings. 21st Century and Nature

Positive Impact Cycle

Haute Art de Papillon uses butterflies which died naturally due to their short lifespan. All our creations are completely cruelty-free and of the highest ethical standards. Butterfly farming itself protects the wildlife species and their habitats. We want to create more awareness for the beauty of butterflies and each KHAMAMA creation supports their protection.

The one of a kind KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 iPhone case with real blue morpho butterfly wing art embodies the beauty of nature

Our Suppliers

The wildlife protection organisation KEEP in Kenya is financially supported through their butterfly farming. Even the UNDP helped to fund their butterfly farming because it's regarded as such an environmentally and ethically positive way of farming. We are proud to source our butterflies from such farms and support rainforest and local communities by that.