The exceedingly rare Metier D'Art of butterfly marquetry mastered by KHAMAMA

Metier D'Art of the luxury brand KHAMAMA. From a solid aluminium block to an exclusive iPhone case with real butterfly wings

Haute Art de Papillon

Butterfly art has never before been used in contemporary high-end accessories. It is the latest technological development in process and material science which enables KHAMAMA to take this rarely used craft finally to an advanced level. For instance, the KHAMAMA iPhone artefacts are created out of solid blocks of airplane-grade aluminium to be able to frame the butterfly wings.

La Maison KHAMAMA is worldwide the only house working with the exclusive Metier d’Art of Haute Art de Papillon – an expression characterised by us.

KHAMAMA Butterfly Selection Expertise. Pattern with luxurious yellow and black Ornithoptera Croesus Lydius butterfly wings

Butterfly Selection Expertise

Butterfly wings are one of the most delicate and mysterious creations of nature. There are around 180,000 different species of butterflies. Among each single species numerous variations of colours, patterns, forms and sizes can be found ever changing in the course of eternal evolution.

This innumerable and dynamic variety of nature’s most beautiful creations demands an extraordinary expertise choosing only the very best wings around the world in an ethical and sustainable manner.

KHAMAMA butterfly wing art with green and black rajah brooke butterfly wings showing the most beautiful colours of nature

Nature's Most Beautiful Colours

The colours of butterfly wings are not simply created by colourful pigments. In fact, a butterfly wing is similar to a diamond. Itself a diamond is almost colourless but appears to be extremely colourful by breaking the light.

On butterfly wings there are fragile nano structures having a size of only three to four thousandths of a millimetre. A single square centimetre of a butterfly wing can contain up to 60,000 of these nano structures. These scales create a remarkable and inimitably iridescent colour making butterfly wings the most beautiful natural colours in the world.

KHAMAMA's art of real butterfly wing setting. Rare and exclusive butterfly marquetry craft

The Art of Wing Setting

Our wing settings are always inspired by the individual specifications of each butterfly wing. Similar to cutting a gemstone, it is an intricate art to find the perfect pattern and design which enhance the iridescence of each single butterfly wing. Therefore our Maison masters all existing butterfly marquetry techniques and constantly pioneers in this very rare and exclusive Métier D’Art. 

KHAMAMA English Artisans who specialise in butterfly wing art

 Our English Artisans

Working with butterfly wings which are only a fraction of a millimetre thick, weighing almost nothing requires not only unique and intricate processes but also particular artisan skills similar to Haute Joallerie. The alchemistic craft of handling butterfly wings is performed by our own specialised craftsmen in order to ensure absolute perfection.

This rare Haute Art de Papillon is today handcrafted only by a few artisans living far off in the English countryside where they preserve this old and exclusive Metier D'Art.