KHAMAMA Noctua 1850 Grand Humidor

The legacy behind

The butterfly wing marquetry of this box is handmade with the South American butterfly species Caligo atreus. Caligo is Latin and means darkness refering to the fact that this butterfly species is only flying at nighttime. Atreus is ancient Greek and means fearless. In Greek mythology, Atreus was the king of Mycenae in the Peloponnese and the father of Agamemnon and Menelaus. The two brothers started the famous Troyan war by raising a fleet of a thousand ships and going to Troy to secure the return of Helen, the wife of king Menelaus and world’s most beautiful woman. 

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Haute Art de Papillon

The butterfly wing pattern was designed with four dynamically turning wheels and two centerally crossing parts inspired by the compasses one would find on antique maps. The huge black spots which are circled with a yellow border seem to resemble burning cigars.

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Craftsmanship in every detail

The precious Haute Art de Papillon panel is protected by museum-grade anti-reflective & UV-protective glass. All metal parts including the frame on the lid are made from satinbrushed brass. The box is made from solid American Black Walnut with a striped Ebony Macassar veneer, which is protected by a transparent, high-gloss piano finish. The inner lining is made in solid mahogani. In contrast to often used Spanish Cedar linings, mahogani never will create any resin on its surface. Moreover, Mahogani has an extremely subtle scent and is keeping the original taste of the cigars.

Smart humidification by CigarSpa®

On the inside of the box there are two removable trays and a free-standing Cigar Spa smart humidification unit. 

Th digital Cigar Spa humidification system is worldwide unmatched in its reliability and functionality. It works for up to 6 months without a refill of water, displaying a three day humidity average as a key indicator - putting your mind at ease that your precious cigars are safely stored.

Handmade with purpose

Every detail of the KHAMAMA Noctua 1850 Grand Humidor is purposely made in order to host the most exclusive cigars. The inner lining is made in solid mahogany. In contrast to Spanish Cedar linings, mahogany will never create any resin on its surface. Moreover, mahogany has an extremely subtle scent and is keeping the original taste of the cigars. The cigar trays are designed in an airy fashion in order to allow for humidity to freely flow throughout the box.

Grand Humidor Size: 480 x 320 x 180 mm

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