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Bringing your ideas to live, creating colourful projects. Your mind is your limit.
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Bespoke KHAMAMA Watch - Special edition for a private client

Worldwide Unique

KHAMAMA is the sole creator of exclusive Haute Art de Papillon worldwide. We guarantee unique, one-of-a-kind artefacts.

golden real butterfly wing art intricate butterfly pattern luxury material of the future

Colourful Dreams

For private commissions, we offer every imaginable pattern and colour, tailored to your specific dream. Our collection represents the most extensive array of the rarest and most beautiful butterflies.


KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 real butterfly wing art interior design


Infinite Possibilities

Private commission opportunities are limitless. From individual iPhone cases over the bespoke interior design of cars, yachts and private jets up to Haute Joallerie - the possibilities are endless.


KHAMAMA butterfly wing inlay masterpiece bespoke


From Vision to Reality

Share your visionary dreams, and we will work to transform your ideas into a reality. Take part in the design process by choosing the specific wing colours, and the English craftsmen will crystalize your inspiration into a masterpiece.


KHAMAMA bespoke real gold butterfly wing art iPhone case world-wide unique

The Masterpiece Unveiled

The manufacturing time of customized artefacts depends upon the scope of the design specifications. Finally, the long-awaited moment will come...


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