KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 Clutch

Haute Art de Papillon - Clutch Handbag

Blue - the colour of tranquility - carries us off into bright summer skies and calm oceans. The colour of the clutch KHAMAMA BLUE 1874  is so intense that it seems like the mere essence of the colour blue was extracted and concentrated in this natural iridescent material.

Using the most exclusive and beautiful butterfly wings, each handcrafted KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 is classic and unique. As such, slight design variations are to be expected. 


Truly Magic

Depending on the perspective, the clutch handbag shimmers from deep-water hue to sparkling electric blue. Shining almost like a blue mirror, the KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 is truly magic.

A Violet Gleam

From a flat viewing angle, a reddish violet gleam occurs which cascades over the intense butterfly wing blue, as if warm evening sunlight was gently stroking calm ocean waves.

Haute Art de Papillon

The KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 clutch handbag is handmade with a precious art of butterfly marquetry called Haute Art de Papillon. The marquetry of this artefact uses magnificent, iridescent blue butterfly wings, both sustainably and ethically sourced from KHAMAMA butterfly farms in South America.

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Handmade in England

The clutch handbag is handmade by the KHAMAMA silversmiths in London out of solid brass and bronze. KHAMAMA also offers a solid Sterling Silver version of their iconic clutch. The brass/bronze version of the bag is exclusively plated with black metallic Ruthenium or Gold. Ruthenium is a special, very rarely used Platinum-metal which naturally has a distinctive black metallic appearance.

The Inspiration

This clutch was created as an evening handbag for glamours red carpets and exclusive black tie events. This limited edition will accompany the most sophisticated ladies to Grand Balls, Ballets, Operas and thrilling parties.

The Interior Design

Inside of the clutch handbag there is a luxurious and soft black Lamb-Nappa leather lining. The handbag offers enough space to carry the large iPhone 6S Plus/ iPhone 7 Plus and the most important other personal items. Optionally, a shoulder-strap chain can be attached or detached.

The Year 1874

Each "KHAMAMA BLUE 1874" clutch handbag bears the year 1874 in its name - the year the butterfly was discovered in South America and then described by Carl Heinrich Hopffer in Germany. This year pays homage to the researchers who had to face extraordinary conditions in remote wilderness. It is the mission of KHAMAMA to rememeber these brave men today and support the protection of nature.