KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 Icon Handbag

Haute Art de Papillon - Icon Handbag

The KHAMAMA Icon is a versatile cross body bag. Each handbag is handmade in England from the finest Saffiano leather. The design is dominated by two triangular KHAMAMA Elements. These elements are handmade by English goldsmiths in Birmingham our of solid brass and frame the uniquely blue „Haute Art de Papillon“. Haute Art de Papillon is the term for real butterfly wing marquetry. These blue iridescent butterfly wings change their colour shine depending on light and perspective perpetually. This handbag is historically the first cross-body bag which was ever featured with real butterfly wings. Launching in summer 2018, this might become a design icon of a new luxury era. Each handbag has an utterly unique butterfly wing element - due to natural variations and the handmade art of butterfly wing marquetry. Details: Size: 22cm x 14cm x 8cm Leather: Black, Beige, Navy, Red Saffiano (on request other colours available) Element: Brass Frame in gold or palladium plated Haute Art de Papillon: Blue butterfly wings from British Guyana processed with a unique marquetry technique and protected by glass 

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Type: Clutch

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