PRE-ORDER iPhone case for iPhone 7: Images are of the iPhone 6S artefact and symbolical. The iPhone 7 case will look similar. Approx. 2-3 weeks delivery time.

If the KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 was a perfume, its exotic abundance of thrilling scents would easily seduce the soul and capture the mind. The opulent colours range from sparkling gold to iridescent turquoise.

Using the most exclusive and beautiful butterfly wings, each handcrafted KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 is classic and unique. As such, slight design variations are to be expected.

A Celebration of Colour

Its lavish colours are a celebration of sparkling gold, rich orange, light violet and luminous turquoise, while natural bands and flecks form a bold pattern.

The Art of Nature

The KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 captures the attention and renders a feeling of nirvana. This artefact is the exotic essence of the colourful and thrilling tropics of Africa.

Haute Art de Papillon

The KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 for the iPhone 7 is crafted with a precious art of butterfly marquetry called Haute Art de Papillon. The marquetry of this artefact uses magnificent, iridescent butterfly wings, both sustainably and ethically sourced from KHAMAMA butterfly farms in Africa.

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An iPhone Case for Perfection

The butterfly marquetry is protected by a strong ultra-thin glass cover with a repellent coating improving optical clarity.

The magnetic opening and closing mechanism is ensuring the most ease of use.

The aluminium frame for this iPhone 7 case is crafted out of solid blocks of aviation-grade aluminium in order to achieve utmost perfection.

Inside of the KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 case, your iPhone 7 is laying on a soft, artificial suede layer.

The Year 1773

Each "KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773" iPhone case bears the year 1773 in its name. in 1773 the butterfly of KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 was discovered in Africa and then scientifically described by Dru Drury in England. Dru Drury was a London based silversmith creating delicate jewellery his whole live until he decided to focus on natural creations which are more beautiful than precious metals and gemstones - butterflies. He became a full-time researcher and the president of the Society of Entomologists of London.

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